The Web Presence for the Tom Christopherson Family

Let me introduce my family to you. My name is Tommy and a little over 30 years ago I married a beautiful redhead named Pat.

Contrary to all of the advice directed our way, we decided to buck the trend of a small family and obey God instead and boy am I glad we did!

Thanks to the Lord using Bill Gothard, we chose to ditch the contraceptives and enjoy the blessing of obedience. Pat has conceived 16 little ones and the Lord saw fit to allow us to keep 13 of those precious ones! We’d have taken more if He had chosen that. We’re so grateful for our 7 sons, Joshua, Joel, Luke, David, John, Caleb, and Josiah and for those 6 precious daughters – Charissa, Sarah, Susannah, Emily, Faith and Victoria. I couldn’t feel more blessed!

This site is about the Lord and His impact on our family. From the testimonies that you’ll read to the pictures and music you might come across, it’s all about the Lord Jesus!

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